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dangdut immorality

If we want to take the time to reflect and think of dangdut music performances of this type in various places in the land of this expose us, more and more apprehensive. Actions in this dangdut performances, they demonstrate the movements should not be on view in public. They issued their voices like pongid intercourse through pengerasnya. Worse yet, paronomasia little kids watch it too. In acting, the actions they do not reflect the courtesy and good moralistic. Both the watch and the watch, from which the children to the elderly, both men and women, they are the same. Satan entered into their bodies and flow with their blood throughout the body until they forget the sinner has a gang. In the land of too much exposure we berpamor figures who have influence in the environment around them. But until now, no one group paronomasia among the characters who act in a real connection with that action. Must wait until when else?! To act in a real, should wait until it was time the nation's children of this country become the bastard children of a ramshackle character as a whole?

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